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Sevenstar Academy’s method of instruction prepares students with transferable skills for college, career, and to be an ambassadors for Christ.

Our Mission

The partner of choice to provide rigorous, Biblically integrated online educational solutions, engaging with institutions and individuals to empower growth, enhance achievement, and enrich Christ-centered community experience.

Our Vision

The catalyst in Christ-centered educational providers’ partnership focused on broadening access to affordable, high-quality, Biblically-integrated curriculum, which produces premier performers and equips them to be passionate ambassadors for Christ.


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Establised since 2006

Providing online education to students in over 40 countries since 2006.

Christ-centered Professional Support

Our instructors desire to glorify Christ, teach students how to think critically in the context of a biblical worldview. On-going professional support to help parents and students succeed.

AP Courses

Get ahead with college-level, rigorous courses 


Cognia/SACS|CASI (formerly AdvancED) accreditation.

Parent Experience

“I was greatly impressed with the Sevenstar course content on a variety of levels: first, it is designed to be very appealing to kids; second, it is built solidly upon a biblical worldview; third, it has built-in enrichment for kids who would welcome additional challenge; and finally, it has harnessed the wealth of great resources on the web and made them easily accessible when a particular topic is taught. I see huge value in the fact that AP and dual credit courses are available.”

Wendy, Homeschool Parent

“As overseas workers who travel frequently, we needed an education system for our daughters that provided both flexibility and consistency at a reasonable cost. We also wanted a Christian worldview. Sevenstar Academy met all those needs. My children can work ahead in their studies so that we can take travel days as needed. The curriculum is consistent — no matter what continent we are on and the biblical integration is outstanding. The school offers different academic levels too! My older daughter is very studious and is enjoying the dual credit classes offered at the high school level. On the other hand, my more active daughter enrolls in the standard classes so that she can finish her work and be active. As both an educator and a parent, I highly recommend Sevenstar.”

Ginny, Missionary Family

Thank you for providing Sevenstar Academy to us. The classes were challenging but seemed to teach John some new skills in time-management, organization, and self-teaching. I think he’ll do really well in college!

Debbie, homeschool parent

Thank you! All 24 of my daughter’s dual credits that she took from Sevenstar transferred into her major at the University of Valley Forge. Add in the other 15 she has taken this year through the University of Valley Forge and she will start college with 39 credits toward her degree and no debt. I couldn’t have done it without your wisdom and flexibility! My gratitude is overflowing!

Ginger, parent

Student Experience

“Sevenstar Academy’s biblical integration allows for thoughtful critical thinking. Biblical integration really allows students to grasp the material in a thoughtful manner and apply it to real-world situations.

I’m planning on attending a four-year undergraduate program after Sevenstar. I’ll be majoring in Emergency Medicine where I will also have the opportunity to get licensed as a paramedic on the premed track.  My ultimate goal is attending medical school in the future.”

Tom, 2020 Graduate

“My faith has grown throughout these four years in Sevenstar as I studied how God’s creation works and how He reflects and reveals himself in His creation. The academic courses such as math and science show me that God is all-powerful and all-knowing who created everything in a perfect order. Also, the bible courses lead me to a deeper understanding on God’s purpose and rooted the word of God in my heart. My faith has grown as the courses taught me facts about the Bible, knowledge of God, the purpose of life, encouraged me to defend my religion, and formed a Christian worldview in these four years.”

Edna, 2020 Graduate from Malaysia

“My biggest worry about going into my junior year of high school was that my school did not offer Advanced Placement classes. During my college research, I realized that more and more colleges in the United States looked for students who had challenged themselves by taking multiple AP classes. When I first started studying through Sevenstar, I was really nervous about using an online program, but soon adjusted and was surprised at the level of understanding and help I received from my instructors. With Sevenstar, I could form my personal calendar and work at my own pace. Not only that, I learned to organize my time efficiently and plan ahead. I was responsible for and in control of my studies”

Tae, Student, Christian Academy of Guatemala

I am glad that I made the decision to attend Sevenstar. Now, as I’m about to head into Oklahoma Baptist University on a full-tuition scholarship to pursue my dream of becoming a software engineer, I feel so much more prepared.

Christin, Graduate of Sevenstar Academy


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