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Christ-centered Instructors

Sevenstar has an exceptional faculty with subject-certified instructors who care deeply about cultivating students in the Christian faith. 77% of our instructors have earned a master’s degree or higher.

Over 100 courses, 200 with dual credit

Our instructors will not only strive to help students academically, but also help them grow in their spiritual lives as well. The role of the online instructor is to facilitate online courses by holding students accountable, grading coursework, providing guidance, and answering questions. 

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We have appreciated our partnership with Sevenstar. They were flexible and accommodating when we created a new online dual credit program, and it was a big hit! Our CSCS academic program is stronger through the help given by Sevenstar.

Roland F. DeRenzo, Ed.D.,

Superintendent of Schools

Blended Learning

Best of both educational environments

Our partnership with Sevenstar has helped to provide our students with more choices: they can follow their interests, recover credit, and deepen their knowledge by taking higher level courses. The inclusion of online learning has definitely broadened our ability to offer a true blended digital learning environment.

Janet Coe, M.Ed., Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation, The Woodland Christian Academy


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Online course work is going to become more and more a part of what our students see in the college environment. Our students in high schools need the skills acquired by taking an online class to be ready to succeed in the college environment. Online learning also equalizes the playing field in terms of the quality of education some students receive.

Debra Killen, Educational Technologist, Westminster Christian Academy (AL)


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