We Make Homeschooling
6th – 12th Grade Achievable

An Accredited Online Christian Academy

At Sevenstar Academy, we are committed to equipping parents by

  • Developing A Flexible Student Schedule
  • Customizing A Graduation Strategy
  • Offering Unique Career Oriented Courses

The Sevenstar Advantage

Sevenstar’s commitment to quality and excellence is integral to our mission to help guide your student into adulthood. Our challenging, well-rounded selection of courses ensures that your student will have access to everything they need to be successful through high school and beyond.

Flexibility of Online Schooling

Your student will be equipped to move confidently through middle school and high school, working at their own pace to achieve success.

Courses that Challenge Your Students

Our comprehensive selection of courses provides everything your student needs to graduate with a well-rounded transcript and the academic competence to succeed in college and beyond.

Preparing Students with a Biblical Worldview

With Bible-based electives and Scripture integrated into every course, your student will learn how to process information through a biblical worldview.

Real reviews from students + parents

Why families believe we have the best homeschool curriculum!


Grades 6-12


Online courses


Fully accredited


Biblical worldview


Affordable tuition

Christian - Graduate of Sevenstar

“I am glad that I made the decision to attend Sevenstar. Now, as I’m about to head into Oklahoma Baptist University on a full-tuition scholarship to pursue my dream of becoming a software engineer, I feel so much more prepared.”

Debbie - Homeschool Parent

“Thank you for providing Sevenstar Academy to us. The classes were challenging but seemed to teach John some new skills in time-management, organization, and self-teaching. I think he’ll do really well in college.”

Ginger - Parent

“Thank you! All 24 of my daughter’s dual credits that she took from Sevenstar transferred into her major at the University of Valley Forge. I couldn’t have done it without your wisdom and flexibility! My gratitude is overflowing!”

Career Oriented Courses

Going Beyond the Core Subjects

Sevenstar’s courses are based on an understanding of the landscape of today’s job market. Each course is designed to prepare your student, beginning as early as 6th grade, with life skills that will equip them for a career in their chosen field.


Explore computer science, coding, programming, game design, and more!

Fine Arts

Whether your interest is in art, music, or digital design, there’s a course for you!

Life Skills

Learn leadership strategies, discover life management skills, and pursue healthy living through these courses.

Test Prep

Strengthen your ACT, PSAT, and SAT scores with these test prep courses.

Social Science

Explore human behavior and interpersonal communication topics as you dive into social sciences.

Special Interests

Looking for a course that is a little outside the norm? You’ll find options here!

An online Christian homeschool aligning hearts and minds in a firm foundation

Sevenstar Academy’s method of instruction prepares students with transferable skills for college, career, and to be an ambassador for Christ.



What milestones should you look for as your student is progressing from childhood to adulthood?

This download offers a useful, grade-by-grade reference guide to transitional, personal development, and academic milestones that students experience as they process through middle school and high school. Each insight will help you as you process normal growth and development and discover ways to encourage your student through these formative years.

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We Offer an Accredited Online Homeschool Curriculum

Sevenstar Academy is an accredited homeschool with a curriculum committed to preparing students for the next chapter of their lives. That is why our rigorous courses for the 6-12th grade levels are all designed to exceed the U.S. national education standards.

We Understand How Your Child Is Developing

Every course is designed based on a solid understanding of how your student develops throughout middle school and high school, providing you with the optimal resources for setting goals and meeting academic expectations.

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12th Grade

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