Summer was a busy time when I was a school leader, yet my schedule was more my own. I encourage you to schedule time away from the office for reading, prayer and reflection.

Here are some reading ideas, but you may also, like I did, have a stack beside your desk or a folder within Outlook to read!

  1. Amazon: Amazing Results, Customer Service and High Standards that can be Applied to Each of Us [Article, Security Exchange Commission]
  2. What JCPenney Should Do Now and Why You Should Care [Article by Forbes with Leadership Applications]
  3. What to do When Machines do Everything [Book by Malcolm Frank]
  4. 16 Inspirational Books for Success in Work & Life [Article for Women]
  5. The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations [Book by Kouzes and Posner
  6. Your favorite book of the Bible (mine is James)


Dr. R. Mark Beadle, CEO and Head of School, Sevenstar
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